Email Address Settings

Email Address Settings

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Having problems setting up your email address, well look no further! This is the first and only guide you will ever need to setup you mail account!

So lets start!… Do you have you mail account?… Yes, well lets go then all you need now is your password, if you don’t have this you can call is and we can either retrieve or reset it for you!

Okay so now when you go into you mail program, may it be Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird or some other 3rd Party mail program, these are the settings you will use, this guide is only for Aeon clients that have mail accounts with Aeon Computer.

Okay, so when you get to that horrible settings page, your’e going to need these settings, always make sure you select he option that lets you manually configure you account, and also make sure you select to setup a pop3/imap account.

Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:

Yes, they are the same! All you now have to do is go into More Settings/Advance Settings and make sure that you put Authentication on and make sure that the option that says use same settings as oncoming mail server is ticked on, this will allow your mail to work correctly, all mail programs have this option, some are just a little more tucked away…

Now you can go ahead and test that mail account! Just make sure that you mail account details are correct, the email would be your email and then the ‘Username’ will be the same mail address. Now click that test mail button and see what happens!

If you get a problem with the test, then there is a few things you can do to fix the problem, if your account details are correct then you might have to change the port, by default it will be port 25 for incoming and port 110 for outgoing, you don’t have to care about outgoing port, leave that default, now if there is any problems you can try and change the incoming port to port 587, you can do this to fix some problems, because some ISP’s seems to block port 25 on there network.

Well there you go! You now have a working mail address that can be used toy your wildest dreams! If you have any problems you can also take a look at this link on Microsot’s site!

Well hope this helps you setup your mail account! Good luck and all the best! :)
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