Internet Connectivity Interruptions Expected

Internet Connectivity Interruptions Expected

Seacom Maintenace
Intermittent internet connectivity interruptions and a general “slow down” are expected today and tomorrow.

This is due to Seacom upgrading its major terrestrial backhaul connectivity within South Africa, which may results in slower Internet speeds for local internet users. This upgrade will occur between 11 July 2014 and 07:00 on 12 July 2014.

Service providers are now also informing their clients that maintenance on the Seacom cable system tomorrow night is expected to cause some Internet disruptions.

“We were informed that maintenance would be performed on the Seacom cable, providing main internet connectivity to South Africa from tomorrow night, 11 July at 22:00 until Saturday, 12 July around 07:00,” one service provider said.

“This will affect all Internet connections and increase latency, which will slow down connections,” the company explained.

“Please be aware that all internet connections, over 3G, ADSL lines, and Wifi connections will be impacted, even your home networks.”

Seacom confirmed that it is planning maintenance on its system, which may affect some customers.

“As part of our continued commitment to improving the communications landscape in the region, Seacom is in the process of upgrading our major terrestrial backhaul connectivity within South Africa,” the company said.

“This upgrade will enhance stability and resiliency within the Seacom core network as well as meet the continued customer demand for Seacom services.”

“Some customers will experience increased latency during this period, however, most of our customers have put in place contingency plans on their networks to mitigate any service disruptions,” Seacom said.

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