Bring Back the Start Menu and Button for Windows 8

Bring Back the Start Menu and Button for Windows 8

Aeon Computer Kimberley Windows 8 Start Menu Header
You just unpacked your new computer and booted into Windows 8 for the first time, and now you are wondering “Where on earth is my Start Button?”

Aeon Computer Windows 8 Start Menu

When you have finally managed to do what you needed to and it’s time to shutdown your PC you will be wondering “Where on earth did Microsoft put the shutdown feature?”.

While the new metro interface work awesomely on smart phones and tablets it can be very frustrating for users with a keyboard and mouse.

Don’t despair just yet.  There is no need to go back to Windows 7 to get your familiar desktop and Start Menu back.  Even before the release of Windows 8 a couple of developers have created start menu add ons for Windows 8.

Aeon Computert Kimerley - Windows 8 Start Menu

Bring you PC to Aeon Computer and for R250 we can get you back to normal by installing a start menu and setting up your pc to boot into your desktop instead of the windows start screen.  All other Windows 8 features will still be available and you can easily switch to the windows 8 Start Screen by using the windows key on your keyboard.


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